Apple Pectin "ProPectin" - 100% Natural detox solution for heavy metals and radiation pollution

ProPectin is positioned as the Ultimate Body Filter. ProPectin was initially developed to reduce the danger of exposure to Cesium-137 from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Since the product launch, however, we have seen it at work in amazing ways, improving many physical conditions including toxin cleansing, type II diabetes, cholesterol management, weight control and more.In addition to its proven ability to help decrease the level of dangerous radioactive material and heavy metal poisoning in the body, scientific research has revealed a great number of other health benefits and medical uses of apple pectin. It is important to remember that ProPectin is not a drug-- it is a dietary supplement.

A six-step patented process turns this powerful apple pectin into a concentrated powder that can easily and quickly be mixed in a glass of water. When consumed, ProPectin is immediately absorbed, then binds with harmful materials and helps to flush them from the body.
ProPectin is a revolutionary product. It is the only product endorsed by Dr.Michael Nobel (Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust).Dr. Nobel is an active champion of the product and is available for tapings and broadcasts as well as retail store and product launch appearances should we be able to come to an agreement.ProPectin is a product made from pharmaceutical-grade apple pectin. There are many other apple pectin products on the market, but our patented 6 step refinement process makes ProPectin™ the ONLY apple pectin product that is 100% soluble, dissolves in 200 ml in less than 10 seconds, made from pure pharmaceutical-grade apple pectin and able to deliver 9 grams of apple pectin per day (the dose recommended for efficacy). All other apple pectin products come in tablet or powder form that is not soluble, containing only 0.5 grams of apple pectin and is not easily absorbed. The solubility of ProPectin delivers the necessary absorption within the body and compounded with its pharma grade make it 4.5 times more effective than any other apple pectin on the market. It is extremely effective as a detox product, it is also recognised for its ability to help people who suffer from diabetes and cholesterol by aiding to control blood glucose and lipids.


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