VEDA Ltd. is a modern high-tech factory producing a wide range of high-quality vinegar and lemon juice. Created in 1994 in the town of Dolni Dubnik (15km from Pleven) the plant specializes in the production of vinegar, and later it expanded with lemon juice the range of manufactured products.
In 2015, the company modernized and expanded its production facility and began producing BIO vinegar and unfiltered vinegar. The production facility is located in one of the best agricultural regions in Bulgaria with a tradition of producing wine and vinegar. This region is renowned for its environmental and high-quality products.
The company is the largest vinegar producer in Bulgaria and offers products of exceptional quality and appearance. These advantages provide it a leading market share and strong position in the long run.
Today, VEDA Ltd. is a constantly improving enterprise with modern high-tech equipment and offers a wide selection of products.
The unique high-tech developments ensure competitive advantages and highest quality of all products manufactured by the company without exception.

To ensure this, we:
• Constantly expand and modernize our own production facilities.
• Equip our production sites with new equipment from leading manufacturers.
• Manage and introduce new technologies for all the vinegar and lemon juice production.

The production process is fully automated and technologically equipped, which provides products’ flexibility and high quality recognized by all our customers.
The company has introduced FSSC 22000: 2010 standard in all production and administrative processes.

In 2015, VEDA Ltd. was certified for BIO production of vinegar under Regulation (EC) 834/07 and (EC) 889/08 with Certificate 31698 issued by CERES (BG-BIO-04).

We use innovative technology and hire the best specialists in the production of highly competitive products.

The wide range and high quality of our products are highly appreciated by our customers and partners that are well known to the Bulgarian and European consumer market. We export vinegar and lemon juice to European and Arabian market.