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CHEFS & CO Dried&Pitted Natural Sweet Black Cherries 'BING'-750g |Non-sulphured|No added sugar|Kosher Certified

100% Whole fruits. KOSHER CERTIFIED (KLBD). Highest Quality, carefully dried and pitted sweet cherries, premium quality, from Europe Farmers. No additives, non-sulphured and no added sugar. GMO-FREE, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, BPA FREE. The...

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CHEFS & CO Pitted Soft Dried Natural Prunes-750g|Non-sulphured|No added sugar|Kosher Certified

100% whole fruits.KOSHER CERTIFIED (KLBD). Premium quality from Farmers in Europe. No additives, non-sulfured and without sugar, freshly sealed.GMO-FREE, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, BPA FREE. May contain pieces of fruit stone....

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CHEFS & CO Dried Porcini (King Bolete) Mushrooms 200 g

Finest wild porcini (King Bolete) mushrooms. Hand- picked in the deep woods of Eastern Europe and selected with the greatest care by experienced mushroom pickers. CHEFS & CO Dried Porcini...

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CHEFS & CO DRIED CRANBERRIES (Added sugar) - 750g

| carefully dried and pitted cranberries | 100% natural | premium quality | no additives, non-sulphured with added sugar, freshly sealed  100% natural, Highest Quality, carefully dried and pitted sweetened...

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